Arestovich told where and why the Russian Federation uses Iranian drones

Aleksey Arestovich, an adviser to the President’s Office, said what is known about Russia’s use of Iranian drones.

This was discussed on the air Feygin Live.

“Iranian drones have appeared. They are actively focused on the Zaporizhzhia direction, mainly. There are many of them; there are really many of them, dozens. Several cases of use have already been noted. Maybe more. They are trying to hit stationary targets during the day, not yet visible at night. Along the crossings, the position of artillery, they try to work with ammunition. The same as we do,” Arestovich said.

According to him, Israel is examining the downed drone.

“A part of it was shown. What we see leaves no doubt that these are Iranian drones. In tacit internal communication, the Armed Forces of Ukraine call it Iranian drones. We are waiting for the opinion of Israeli experts and the reaction of the Israeli side,” he said.

As previously reported, the Russians scramble to replenish their supplies, forcing them to turn to Iran for equipment. It is known that the Russian military received training in Iran as part of an agreement to transfer Iranian drones to Moscow.

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