Arestovich: “Zerg Rush” is being prepared for us – about the further situation at the front

Adviser to the President’s Office Alexey Arestovich, said that Russia is preparing to send about ten thousand volunteers to Ukraine.

Russian volunteers have no chance of surviving the war with Ukraine

Arestovich said this in an interview with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin on May 1.

“I proceed from the hypothesis (perhaps it will change) that the gavrik exhale by May 9, 10. What’s next? I’m naturally sitting and thinking what’s next? I put myself in the place of the enemy and try to think. Some signs indicate that we are preparing a “zerg rush”. This computer game is popular. There is such a nation of zerga – insects. And because the earthlings and other nations are hitting high-tech, they are simply overwhelmed by the masses. We see behind these people, who are now trying to replenish the infantry units of the Russian army, that they are not specialists, not artillerymen, not tankers. Gather declassed elements. They are wearing some old camouflage, given boots of the 51st year, a machine gun of the 47th and a helmet of the 43rd. Heroically sent into battle. What’s most impressive? Now attention. There are enough volunteers. There are many of them. They have one great dignity, or rather two, many of them are volunteers. And the mass of shortcomings, which is that they do not know anything, does not represent a military force, but only a living force, but it is also short-lived. 30% of those who came were alive and on the battlefield for two weeks. Some fled, some were destroyed,” he said.

Arestovich estimates that there may be about ten thousand of these volunteers.

“According to my estimates, according to the sum of data, I see that mid-May can accumulate 10,000 volunteers. And so they will heroically go somewhere. The question is, where? And it will be similar to the invasion of Chinese volunteers in the Korean War, when they stopped the high-tech army. But there are only two big differences: two zeros must be selected and get tens of thousands. I think they went crazy in the Kremlin there? Here they will throw these people at us. For what purpose? We have crushed the elite Russian divisions that we have these volunteers. Have time to change the barrels of machine guns, so-called. We will destroy them,” he said.

According to Arestovich’s forecasts, fierce fighting on the territory of Ukraine may resume in June – early July 2022.

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