Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed several command posts of Russians in the Kherson region – the enemy suffered losses

As a result, the confirmed losses of the enemy are 41 soldiers, 4 tanks, 12 units of other auto-armored vehicles.

In the Kherson region, several enemy command posts, ammunition depots, and the “Zoo” radar station were destroyed.

This was reported on Facebook by the operational command “South”.

When the occupiers tried to realize the plan to move from one bank of the Dnieper to the other, our fire control stopped an attempt to pass through the Kakhovka dam and sail by barge from Kherson,” the statement said.

The report says that to ensure its units’ safety from air and missile strikes, the enemy has deployed air defense units in the Berislav region. It also tries to make maneuvers with forces and means, compacting the defense, and strengthening artillery cover.

“But the results of the execution of almost 280 fire missions by our rocket and artillery units testify to the defeat of two command posts directly in Kherson, two command posts in Novovoskresensky and Dudchany, ammunition depots in Pyatikhatki and Kherson, three areas of accumulation of weapons, equipment and manpower in Dudchany and Nova Kakhovka, as well as the “Zoo” radar station in Krutoy Yar,” OK “South” reports.

The message says that as a result, the confirmed losses of the enemy are “41 soldiers, 4 tanks, 12 units of other armored vehicles and the Buk-M2 / 3 anti-aircraft missile system.”

The OK “South” notes that, given the hostile propaganda hysteria about mobilization, the enemy’s tactics are likely to intensify rocket attacks and shelling of front-line and rear territories.

In Kherson, the Russian invaders burn the bodies of the killed soldiers to hide the losses. On the city’s outskirts, places with a large number of burnt remains of people were repeatedly noticed. It is difficult to identify their belonging due to significant fire damage accurately.