Art of Lifesaving: Free first aid master class

On February 19, we invite you to the Art of Lifesaving. “Safety in action”: a master class for training on first aid skills organised by FAST and Odessa Fine Arts Museum.

Event format: 30-minute first aid master class and supervised express tour, during which the museum team will present first aid stories in the exhibition. In 30-minute first aid master class, you will briefly and clearly explain the basics of first aid, including how to stop bleeding and other vital safety precautions.

Ukrainian and international companies contract FAST to train their employees in First Aid and provide the essential equipment. The company teach Fire Safety and evacuation skills, advise on risk assessment and industrial safety.

According to North American Rescue statistics, 35% of all pre-hospital traumatic deaths are due to bleeding, and intense bleeding can kill the victim in 3-5 minutes. Given that the average time of arrival of an ambulance is 11 minutes, the actions of each of us is the only chance to save lives in an emergency. Maybe it’s time to become the next hero?

Event cost: 50 UAH as a charitable contribution to the development of the museum’s initiatives. It also includes a visit to the museum, so you can visit the main exhibition after the event.


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