Atelier. Coffee & Crafts

Address: 22, Alexandrovsky Avenue

New, highly anticipated, atmospheric and spacious Atelier. Coffee & Crafts opened its doors on Alexandrovsky Avenue in an old house built in 1851. The institution plays good music and serves delicious coffee, tea, cocktails, desserts, soups, salads, Buddha bowls and tacos.

Atelier project is the brainchild of the famous architecture and design studio Belenko Band, the author of numerous successful institutions in Ukraine and beyond.

New cozy high chairs are adjacent to old chairs, as if stolen from the geography cabinet of a secondary school – a modern loft and a communal apartment with its wardrobe, tiles and vases were mixed here. One of the walls is generally assembled from pieces of the Soviet “wall”, as if the furniture creation of Frankenstein. The combination turned out cozy, in soft green, beige-brown and gray colors, with an abundance of living plants in pots.

A small but tastefully selected wine list is also available for a pleasant stay.

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