Attack on Ukraine: Russia began to export ammunition from Belarus

The Russian military command has begun transporting ammunition from Belarus to the Russian city of Smolensk. Ammunition is loaded into 100 specialized covered wagons to transport explosive materials marked “hazard class 1”.

The Telegram channel of Belarus Gayun reports this.

“The amount of ammunition is so big that they cannot organize loading on their own and seconded servicemen from other units to help,” the report says.

It is reported that the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation rented these cars from Belarus Railway.

It is noted that in these cars, it is planned to export ammunition to the Russian Federation. Loading is carried out at several large artillery bases. In particular, at HF ​​67878 (the 46th arsenal of missiles and ammunition) in Bronnaya Gora.

Subsequently, groups of 6-10 wagons are sent to the stations of the Minsk railway junction, where they are hooked up to ordinary freight trains to be sent along the route Minsk – Orsha – junction. Red – Smolensk.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4,000 servicemen of the Republic of Belarus are on the border with Ukraine. This amount is not enough to organize an attack in any direction.

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