Attempts by the occupiers to restore the water supply in Mariupol could turn into a real catastrophe

Without a full-fledged drainage and wastewater treatment system, the city’s water supply system cannot function properly. This will lead to an unorganized mass outflow of sewage on the city streets, which in turn will lead to an increase in infectious diseases among the population.

The Mariupol City Council reported this

“Chaotic and extremely unprofessional actions by the Russian occupiers and their aides endanger the lives of Mariupol residents who remain in the city. That’s more than 100,000 people. We need to understand the real situation in Mariupol. All 22 pumping stations were destroyed or flooded, more than 50% of the water supply network was damaged. The city does not have the electricity supply needed to pump water through the grid. But the main problem is the lack of functioning sewage treatment and drainage system. Even if the occupiers somehow let the water in, it will immediately lead to a rapid increase in infectious diseases. Given the lack of normal medical care, according to doctors, the number of deaths among Mariupol residents will increase daily and, by the end of the year, could reach 10,000.

The occupiers and their allies do not set themselves the goal of rebuilding Mariupol. Vice versa. Their goal is to destroy any possibility of life in the city completely. They are creating a real ghetto in Mariupol with their inhuman rules,” said Mayor Vadym Boychenko.

According to preliminary estimates, a full recovery of the water supply in the city may take more than a year. The cost will reach at least $ 700 million. That is why this is possible only with the return of Mariupol under the full control of Ukraine and with the support of international partners.

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