Austrian company plans to build medical centre in Odessa region to fight epidemics

A delegation of the Odessa Regional State Administration composed by the First Deputy Head Borys Voloshenkov and the Director of the Health Department Natalia Odariy-Zakharieva visited the company Vamed in Austria and held a working meeting with the management to discuss the construction of a medical facility in Odessa Oblast (region) to provide emergency care for various epidemics.

Vamed is an Austrian company specialised in comprehensive services for healthcare facilities. 77% of shares belong to the German concern Fresenius, 13% are owned by the State of Austria. The company has experience of successful cooperation with Kazakhstan, Libya, United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Currently, the Austrian managers are already working in the Odessa region, analysing the effectiveness of medical equipment in medical institutions. Vamed technically supports modern medical equipment at the Izmail Hospital and the famous Filatov Institute in Odessa.

During the visit of the delegation of the Odessa Regional State Administration in Neuburg (Austria), the residents of Odessa were shown a new clinic with a capacity of 400 beds, which was built by Vamed in 2 years. The institution uses the latest energy saving technologies and the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies.

A responsible representative of the company will arrive in Ukraine in the near future to assess the possibility of building a new medical facility, to be dedicated to provide emergency care for various epidemics.

After the visit of the Odessa Regional State Administration to Austria, the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Serhiy Hrynevetsky met with the Managing Director of Vamed Technical Service Matthias Koehler to discuss the launch of an international pilot project in Odessa Oblast and the establishment of a working group to agree on all details.

The Ministry of Health has recently decided to reduce the number of coronavirus support hospitals in Odessa, leaving three out of seven and repaid the salary arrears of their medical staff.

Source: press service of Odessa Regional Administration