“Azov”: A lot of female defenders of Mariupol remain in captivity

During a large-scale exchange of prisoners, only one defender of Mariupol returned to Ukraine.

This was announced in a video message by the acting commander of the Azov regiment, Major Nikita Nadtochiy.

“On June 29, the first exchange of prisoners of war of the Russian Federation for fighters of the Ukrainian army took place. Thanks to the work of the Main Intelligence Directorate, the first Azov soldiers returned home. A total of 144 servicemen were exchanged among 95 – defenders of Azovstal. Of this list, only 1 woman was submitted for exchange At the moment, there are a lot of women, doctors who performed combat missions on the territory of the Mariupol garrison,” he said.

Nadtochy also noted that all the fighters who returned from captivity need treatment and rehabilitation.

“These are just the first steps of a very difficult journey. We must do everything necessary to bring our fighters home,” he added.

On June 29, the largest prisoner exchange occurred: 144 defenders, including Azov, returned home. The oldest of those released was 65, and the youngest was 19.

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