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Main Diplomacy — "Be our guest, again, in Moldova!"


"Be our guest, again, in Moldova!"

25 Jul, 2021
"Be our guest, again, in Moldova!"

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Entrepreneurs in the Moldovan tourism industry launched a new campaign to promote tourism after a pandemic period that paused visits but not the work of Moldovan hospitality hosts.

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus has severely impacted the tourism sector. Travel restrictions have resulted in an unprecedented decline in the number of foreign tourists worldwide and a loss of income. In Moldova, the total loss of income in the tourism industry is estimated at about 350 million dollars.

Nevertheless, the owners of guest houses and wineries, organisers of tourist events, guides, owners of restaurants and hotels, tour operators did not waste time, but used it to renovate and create new premises for receiving tourists. They opened new terraces, created new routes, purchased bicycles and new watercraft (kayaks, kayaks), built swimming pools, and each of them prepared special treats for the long-awaited guests in their basements and storerooms.

Diana Lazar, Deputy Director of the Moldova Competitiveness Project

The new campaign is a tribute to the people who work in the tourism industry and their optimism. They are the ones who will restore tourism in Moldova.

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Lavander Fields. Molova

The campaign was launched in mid-June with a video that conveys the optimism and joy of meeting long-awaited tourists, as well as Moldovans from all over the world and closest neighbours. The protagonists of the campaign are the owners of rural guesthouses and wineries, which have welcomed tens of thousands of tourists over the years and are ready to reopen their doors to visitors, offering an unforgettable travel experience. Locations featured in the video include: "Hanul lui Hanganu" in Lalova village, "Eco-resort Butuceni" in the cultural and natural reserve "Old Orhei", underground galleries "Milestii Mici", agro-boarding house "Gaguz Sofrasi" in the Kongaz village, winery "Poiana" in the Ulmu village, Valente Village Museum, kayaking excursions from Vadul lui Voda, Lake Beleu in the Prutul de Jos nature reserve and others.

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The National Association for Inbound and Inbound Tourism (ANTRIM) announces the resumption of tourism in Moldova and invites visitors to discover our original travel offers in maximum safety. Safe Travel, introduced in Moldova by ANTRIM with accreditation of the Global Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

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Bender, Transnistria, Tighina Fortress
Photo: D.Femino

The “Be our guest again” campaign is run by a young creative team, whose goal is the interconnection between the various industries in Moldova. The campaign is aimed at preserving talent in the country and contributing to the sustainable development of the Republic. The soundtrack is provided by the Trigon group, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its activity, and the traditional shirt presented in the video is dedicated to the international holiday of the Romanian national shirt "ia", which is celebrated on June 24. The video will be translated into Russian, as well as into foreign languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and others, and will be promoted mainly in the online space. In the early days after launch, the video gained widespread organic popularity, reaching over 330,000 unique users, over 475,000 views on Facebook, and over 3,000 support shares.

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Orheiul Vechi, Moldova, Cross at monastery
Photo: D.Femino

The new campaign continues to promote the tourism potential of the Republic of Moldova, implemented in the period from 2015 to 2121. within the framework of the Moldova Competitiveness Project and funded by USAID, the Government of Sweden and Ukaid in cooperation with the National Association for Inbound and Inbound Tourism (ANTRIM).

These efforts resulted in an average annual increase in the number of foreign tourists of 20% between 2015 and 2019. At the same time, the campaign conveys a true message of hospitality. The campaign has received valuable awards from foreign experts, as well as an audience of about 20 million people. The campaign also aims to strengthen the new national slogan:

“Moldova: A place to find yourself”

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