Belarus announces joint aviation exercises with Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has announced joint tactical air exercises with Russia.

The exercises of the aviation units of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia will be held in order to increase the level of their combat training. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus reports this.

“On behalf of the Russian side, a military formation of the aerospace forces will take part in this event. The joint training of the Belarusian and Russian components of the regional grouping of forces is complex and covers the combat component and all supporting systems,” the message says.

Also, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense reported that the build-up of the regional grouping of troops of Russia and Belarus continues on the territory of their country.

“Today, based on the current situation, this process is taking place in stages. Personnel, weapons, military, and special equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation will continue to arrive in the Republic of Belarus. With the arriving units at the training grounds of the Republic of Belarus, further combat coordination activities are planned,” said in the message.

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