Belarus conducts mass military training and exercises, which work out the “peacetime to wartime transition”

On June 7, the Belarusian Armed Forces began regular combat readiness exercises. The main purpose of the training: “transition from peacetime to wartime.” Classes are also held among conscripts after the next call-up for military service and mastering the new replenishment of the initial military training programme.

Within the framework of these meetings, the issues of organization of protection and defense of military and civilian infrastructure, implementation of martial law measures, as well as a counteraction to sabotage and reconnaissance groups are being worked out.

Mobilization exercises with military commissariats are planned to be held in the Gomel region from June 22 to July 1. All categories of servicemen, units, military units, formations, and military administration bodies will be additionally involved in the trainings. The theme is similar: “the transition from peacetime to wartime.”

Also from June 28 to July 16 in the Zhlobin district of the Gomel region it is planned to hold military meetings with servicemen of the newly created territorial defence troops.

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