Belarus records new troop movements near Ukraine

In a number of border regions of Belarus, new movements of Russian and Belarusian troops were noticed. Russian troops are transporting new missiles closer to Belarus and Ukraine border.

Belarusian journalist and photographer Anton Motolko reports this on Telegram.

Along the M-10 highway towards Kalinkovich, vehicles with missiles for S-400 anti-aircraft installations marked “V” were moving in the morning.

In addition, seven trucks with Iskander missiles were spotted on the M-5 highway.

A freight train from the BMP-2 stopped not far from Minsk. BMR-1K, BMP-1KSh. The 120th separate mechanized brigade was being loaded.

Several medical PAZs were recorded in the Gomel region.

At 18:00 local time, seven trucks were moving south from the Mozyr region.

In March, it became known that Lukashenko ordered the troops of Belarus to invade Ukraine; however, the soldiers rebelled and refused to carry out the dictator’s will.

Since the beginning of the open war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Lukashenko has given the territory to the use of the Russians. It is from the border ranges of Belarus that rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities are carried out.

The EU openly declared Lukashenko’s involvement in the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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