Belarusian cars with fertilizers were arrested in the port of Mykolayiv

The SBI continues to work systematically to identify and seize the property of the aggressor countries in favor of our state.

In particular, in the Mykolaiv area, State Bureau of Investigations workers in the seaport territory found 188 cars with mineral fertilizers.

77,000 tons of goods belonged to the Belarusian holding company. Together with the Belarusian train cars, the property’s value was about 20 million US dollars (over 700 million hryvnias).

65,000 tons of fertilizers have already been transhipped to Ukrainian ships, which were to transport goods abroad.

State Bureau of Investigations investigators has currently seized all property in criminal proceedings for the abuse of customs officials.

The investigation is ongoing.

The Mykolayiv regional prosecutor’s office carries out procedural management.

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