Bellingcat Investigator: Mass repressions against FSB officers for failure in Ukraine

Bellingcat investigative journalist Christo Grozev confirmed the arrest of the former head of the FSB 5th Service, Colonel-General Sergei Beseda. As you know, it was this unit on the eve of the Russian invasion that provided Putin with data on the political situation in Ukraine.

In an interview with the Popular Politics Youtube channel, Grozev also said that more than 150 FSB officers involved in the “Ukrainian line” were “purged.”

I can say that a significant part of them, if not arrested, then definitely do not work in the FSB. So the purge has definitely passed. In a couple of days, I hope we will be able to publish something new about the fate of these people

Earlier it was reported that after two weeks of the war in Ukraine, Putin began repressions against the so-called 5th service of the FSB (which oversees relations with foreign partners). The media wrote that the service leadership – General Beseda and his deputy – were sent under house arrest. Among the reasons are the misuse of funds allocated for operations and poor intelligence information.

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