Ben Hodges: Can China decide on more substantial support for Russia, or will it remain neutral?

China is dissatisfied with Russia even for fact that they started this war. Ben Hodges spoke about this in a conversation with the Russian opposition leader, lawyer Mark Feygin.

“I think China made that very clear a couple of weeks ago. In Samarkand, it was clear that they would not help Russia. China and India have given a signal to the Kremlin. They also clearly indicated that they are against the use of nuclear weapons.

I am sure that China is not happy with Russia even for the fact that they started this war. Because they have awakened the West. Now NATO is more united. Our industrial complex began to work. Therefore, our overall readiness will be better than what China would prefer.

I think China is looking very closely if the US and our allies can stick together and we can defeat Russia. If they see that we are losing confidence, it will encourage them to challenge us. Regarding Taiwan, for example. This is the consequence of the war in Ukraine, it is more than just Ukraine. This has worldwide implications.”

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