Body language: Ukrainian refugees will be co-authors of a performance by Polish choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński

The premiere of a Polish-Ukrainian performance by choreographer Maciej Kuźmiński, created under the influence of the war in Ukraine and the refugee movement, will take place.

#EveryMinuteMotherland is a documentary dance piece with internal and external views on the events of the war and the refugee movement. The project is developed by the Polish-Ukrainian team, including refugees, and features 7 dancers who are also its co-authors. Among them are Lviv residents Anna Myloslavska and Vitalia Vaskiv, and Dnipro residents Darya Koval and Anastasia Ivanova, who were forced to leave their hometowns. The movement “on the edge of possibilities” is the basis of future performance. With the language of movement only they honestly express a living experience of being torn and unsettled, suspended between the memory of the past and the unbelievable present, hoping to find a path of mutual understanding with the world.

The war set the whole world in motion, massively forcing people to physical movements and internal transformations. Everything that we used to take for granted has taken on completely different meanings.

Maciej Kuźmiński

The choreographer explores how war affects even those who live far from the fighting. In Every Minute Motherland, he examines war as a powerful force that leads time and time again to rethink values, identities, notions of security, and home. The choreographer hopes that the project will promote understanding between people: 

I see how differently the same events are perceived in different parts of Europe, and this discovery amazed me.

Maciej Kuźmiński

Participating in this performance is an opportunity to continue one’s business and simultaneously do something useful for the country.

Anna Myloslavska

The project is created by Maciej Kuźmiński Company in partnership with Klub ŻAK in Gdańsk (project residency / premiere 2022), Materia / Łódź (Przestrzenie Sztuki program), Creators for Ukraine (launched by CIAS and ZAIKS), Dom Filmu and Ukrainian Institute.

You can get acquainted with the works of Maciej Kuźmiński on the website.

Maciej Kuźmiński

Maciej Kuźmiński is a Polish choreographer, teacher, producer. graduated in 2007, with a BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and completed the MA Choreography in 2012. He received the Audience Award at the prestigious Polish Dance Platform for his quartet Room 40, which Dance Tabs Magazine described as “perfectly bridging concept and beauty”. He has also been awarded First, Audience and Special Production prizes at international competitions in Hanover and Stuttgart. Maciej has created works for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Polish Dance Theatre, Regensburg Theatre, Rozbark Theatre and dance conservatoires including Trinity Laban. Altogether, since 2014, his works have been presented over 150 times in 20 countries. 

He has developed two movement techniques and a sequence-building tool utilising Laban Movement Analysis, which he has taught at several institutions including Codarts Rotterdam and Belgrade Dance Institute.

Maciej is founder and director of Polish Dance Network, a ground-breaking organisation bringing together more than 20 theatres and production houses across Poland.

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