Boho Bar at the heart of Odessa

Boho Bar (official opening December 19, 2020) is a daily open bar with cocktails, delicious food and quality shisha. Everything is in balance, harmony and complete relaxation. Boho Bar in all its forms urges to stop time, pause and get high on weekdays and weekends, without a reason and at any time. The main decoration of the establishment is a unique “boho” style interior. Macrame, pottery, plants, a 130-year-old ceiling, a huge mandala sculpter and a warm atmosphere; all this in the “heart” of Odessa, close to the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The menu contains more than 20 drinks, both favourite classics and author’s. And the kitchen prepares you for an amazing breakfast and everything you could want at any other time of the day, from appetizers and salads to main courses, woks, pizzas and burgers.

Address: 5 Richelievskaya street

Open hours: Sun-Thu from 12 am to 01 am | Fri-Sat Sun 12 am to 03 am

Boho Bar
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