Boris Tisenhausen Putin is completely depend on China

Political scientist Boris Tisenhausen explained the secret of Xi Jinping’s influence on Putin.

Political scientist Boris Tisenhausen said that China has leased a part of Russian territories the size of ten Crimeas for 49 years and will not give them away. The Chinese are already cutting down forests and extracting minerals.

“Chinese leader Xi Jinping said quite clearly that the use and even threats of nuclear weapons are unacceptable, and exactly after he said this, microphones were turned on for everyone in the Russian Federation. The leader of China played a key role because after the leaders of European states spoke to Putin, this only irritated him more, and if the head of China said it of whom he is practically already a vassal, then you have to obey,” the political scientist said.

He explained the secret of Xi Jinping’s influence on Putin and why he obeys him.

Boris Tisenhausen

“China and India are two states that continue to fill Putin’s budget by buying energy resources in decent volumes that the European Union no longer buys. Russia has leased territories to China: more than one Crimea will fit on the territories leased by China, which he leased for 49 years. China not only leases something, it grows, it already extracts minerals, timber. China leases ten Crimeas and is unlikely to give it back later. If China joins the sanctions, the Russian economy will develop within a year,” Tisenhausen said.

The expert said that Putin asked for political asylum in China.

“Because, firstly, he is not extradited from there; only China, as one of the two world leaders, can give him such guarantees. Putin is completely economically, politically, and probably already somewhere and mentally dependent on China. And China uses Putin exclusively as a chip in achieving their interests, moving and pushing towards themselves, to which the United States reacts,” the political scientist added.

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