British intelligence explained what prevented the Russian Federation from seizing Odessa

The intelligence stressed that Russia could not eliminate the threat to the Black Sea Fleet.

The Russian invaders are unable to capture Odessa by amphibious assault. Russia’s attempts to destroy the anti-ship potential of Ukraine remain unsuccessful. The Russian Black Sea Fleet is under constant threat.

This was reported on Twitter by the British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence data.

Intelligence recalled the Russians’ missile attack on the port in Odessa on July 24. Then the Russian Federation said that they allegedly struck a Ukrainian warship and anti-ship complex, but there are no signs that such targets were located at the impact site.

Russia almost certainly perceives anti-ship missiles as a key threat which is limiting the effectiveness of their Black Sea Fleet. This has significantly undermined the overall plan for the invasion since Russia cannot try to take Odessa by amphibious assault

British Ministry of Defense

According to them, the Russians will continue to prioritize efforts to weaken and destroy the anti-ship potential of Ukraine. However, the intelligence said that Russian efforts are regularly undermined by outdated intelligence information, poor planning, and a top-down approach to operations.

It should be noted that the Russian occupiers did not abandon their intentions to seize the Odessa region, thus opening their way to Transnistria and blocking Ukraine’s access to the sea. But so far it is almost impossible to implement them. This opinion was expressed by the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko.

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