Business Matching in Odessa

The Odessa Journal offers a service of business matching for potential international investors in Odessa, city or region. The service includes:

  • Search of potential local partners or market news.
  • Organisation of interviews and information memorandum.
  • Selection of technical partners (lawyer, bank, translation, workspace).
  • Follow-up and maintenance of contacts after meetings.

Odessa is the main port of Black Sea and its region is one of the most productive of Ukraine in agriculture and food manufacturing business. Moreover, there are a lot of business opportunities in real estate, due to low cost of apartments, compared to higher rentals rates than European ones. The big and stable increase of Ukrainian export has attracted many foreign direct investments in port infrastructure, agriculture machinery, logistics services, food industry.

For more information please feel free to contact:

Ugo Poletti, chief@odessa-journal.com