Canadian brand releases perfume “Glory to Ukraine”

“I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because the Ukrainians are the only ones stopping Russia from invading Europe.” – Matthew Meleg

The perfume bottle depicts a trident, with the inscription “Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes” in English transliteration.

I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” a linden blossom perfume, because I want to support Ukraine’s war effort. The Ukrainians are the only ones stopping Russia from invading the rest of Europe, and victory is the only option. With every bottle I sell, I will send $50 Canadian dollars to The Ukraine National Bank

Matthew Meleg

One bottle of 50 ml costs 200 Canadian dollars (5400 UAH), 50 dollars (1350 UAH) from each bottle will be sent to the account of the National Bank to support the Ukrainian army.

I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because Russia is no longer a democracy, and Putin wants to re-establish the USSR, a government that murdered 70 million people. I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because the world can not allow Putin’s dream to come true, and the Ukrainians are spoiling his vision.

Matthew Meleg

I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because my Slovak grandma raised me. As a child, she slept on dirt floors, never had enough to eat, and her brother froze to death. I know Eastern European and Russian history well, and I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because grandma’s family fled Europe to escape poverty, Joseph Stalin and the USSR

Matthew Meleg

I’m selling “Slava Ukraine” because Moscow has a long, consistent history of invading its smaller neighbours. Russia invaded Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Iran, Hungary, Romania, Noway, Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Mongolia, Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and so many other countries.

Matthew Meleg

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