Cars for the Ukrainian Army

Thousands of volunteers in Ukraine and abroad look for cars and bring them to Ukraine for the needs of the front. We need tens of thousands – pickups, jeeps, minibusses, buses, ambulances, trucks. At the cutting edge, they’re like expendables. With one explosion of mines and wheels, the car’s radiator is pierced, so the car must be abandoned.

Only one group of Latvian volunteers has assembled 120 cars in Latvia since 24 February. But this is not enough! The war will be long. Months, maybe years. Therefore, it is necessary to streamline and improve the system for searching for cars in the EU and their transfer to Ukraine by order of magnitude.

To this end, a group of volunteers created a specialized website


The essence of its work is simple – residents of Ukraine and the EU can fill out a simple form on the site in three minutes.

  1. Indicate in which city and which country he lives.
  2. What car is ready to transfer for free / or sell.
  3. Your contact details.

Further, our volunteers will contact the benefactor/seller, discuss the details and discuss the logistics of the car to the border of Ukraine.

In addition, the site searches for volunteers who will be ready to drive the car from the EU countries to the border or the point of transfer of the car in Ukraine.

On this resource you can donate your car or purchase and transfer it to the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
First of all, pickups, jeeps, ambulances, minibuses and buses are needed.

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