Cars from Ukraine burned during the war were shown at the festival of light in Helsinki

Photo by Lux Helsinki

The Lux Helsinki festival of lights took place in Helsinki, where civilian cars burned during the war in Ukraine became exhibits.

As The Mayor writes, a festival of light installations is held annually in the Finnish capital, during which artists get the opportunity to use famous sights and public spaces of the capital of Finland to present their projects. This year, 30 different works of art, located throughout the city, could be seen from January 4-8.

For example, this year’s event included a work by Czech designer Maxim Velchovsky entitled “The Physical Possibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” It copies the title of the infamous work of art by the British artist Damien Hirst.

The installation reproduces the horrors of war in the form of cars burned during the war in Ukraine. Cars are permeated with stories of Ukrainian citizens who lost not only their belongings but also their loved ones and were forced to leave their homeland.

Velchovskyi’s artwork was publicly shown for the first time in October in Prague. In Helsinki, the installation was placed near the capital’s Music Center — between the Oodi library and the parliament building.

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