Change of mood in Crimea. The understanding of the threat of war on the peninsula comes

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reports a change in sentiment in the temporarily occupied Crimea – people are beginning to understand that the threat of military operations on the territory of the peninsula is becoming a reality.

This was stated by the representative of the GUR, Vadim Skibitsky, in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“It is gradually reaching the population of Crimea. We really monitor those issues that relate to such social attitudes. I will say one thing: first of all, they have changed, those people who have relatives in the territory of our state – whether it is Kyiv or Kharkiv, relatives in the occupied territories, where villages and cities were simply destroyed. And the second is those relatives, whose brothers, sons, fathers died… The threat of transferring the war to the territory of Crimea is already becoming a reality for them,” Skibitsky said.

Vadim Skibitsky

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