“Closed System” by Natasha Schulte

On June 4, an exhibition “Closed System” by Natasha Schulte will open at the Odessa Museum of Modern Art. Natasha Schulte is an Odessa artist working with photography, video and painting.

Natasha Schulte is an artist who works in various mediums, including photography, video and painting. She studied at the Speos School of Photography in Paris. Lives and works in Odessa. In his artistic practice, Schulte is interested in issues of social organisation, psychology and human interaction with the environment.

In the “Closed System” project, Schulte not only actualizes the traditional issues of ethics and morality for his works, but also explores the theme of the body as a socio-political object that loses its identity within a closed absorbing space. In her works, man exists only as an instrument of the political game of states, a social lever, deprived of individual identity and locked in the ephemeral space of a sterile system.

The question is posed: can the limits of growth be a consequence of the fundamental laws of nature? Growth cannot last forever, but there is still a belief that the natural course of events is better than interventions. At the same time, it is obvious that the most dangerous invasive species on the planet is man, and questions of self-control in the future will be heard more and more often, and this near future worries both scientists and artists.

Natasha Schulte “Line”, 2019
Natasha Schulte “Line”, 2019

Bioethics is a fairly new phenomenon in Ukraine, and not everyone is ready to include it in the field of public discussion. This is due to social problems, cultural characteristics, moral scale of principles, principles and habits of modern Ukrainian society.

The artist uses dissection as a thorough visual technique. Space is fragmented into geometric fragments, and people are subjected to conditional dismemberment. In medicine, this is called vivisection, ie surgery with living organisms for scientific purposes. This defragmentation becomes an allusion to the experiments and experiments of the permanently dominant system of power in which modern man exists. After all, today our body ceases to be a carrier of the idea-action-identity set, and becomes a prisoner of the socio-political game.

Natasha Schulte “Feast: The Third Sex and Cyborgs” , 2017
Natasha Schulte “Feast: The Third Sex and Cyborgs”, 2017

The combination of photography, painting and installations in the space of one exhibition complement each other and form the integrity of history, which is a reflection of the current situation, where artificially formed images lead to painful, irreparable social and physical consequences.

Top 5 facts about Natasha Schulte:

  • Awarded the prizes of the Parisian photographic prize “PX3” in three categories at once: “Photographer of the Year”, “For Outstanding Achievement” and “Cup of Excellence”.
  • In 2011, she was also awarded a national award for Ukrainian photographers of the Center for Contemporary Art “Pinchuk Art Center” (Kyiv).
  • Studied at the Paris Institute of Photography
  • In addition to the “Line” cycle, Natasha Schulte devoted two more series of works to orphans – “Those Who Are Near Us” and “Resignation”.
  • The photographer’s work is included in many private collections around the world.

Project curator Andriy Siguntsov