Coca-Cola will build a new kindergarten in the Kyiv region

The village of Bogdanivka in the Kyiv region will receive a new kindergarten. During the occupation, the institution was blown up by the occupiers.

Coca-Cola undertook to rebuild a destroyed kindergarten in the village of Bohdanivka, Brovar district.
The whole area suffered a particularly heavy blow – the entire rural social infrastructure was practically destroyed here – a school and a kindergarten, the outpatient clinic suffered significant damage.

The kindergarten was chosen for priority investment because the community identified preschool as the most urgent need.

The new kindergarten will be designed for a larger number of pupils and will be maximally adapted for preschool education and children’s recreation. The presence of shelter is one of the mandatory requirements for the institution’s project.

Coca-Cola invests 1.1 million US dollars in reconstruction.

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