Commanders of local occupiers flee to Melitopol due to blowing up bridges in the Kherson region

After the blowing up of bridges in the Kherson region, the “leaders” of the local occupiers began to flee to Melitopol. The city’s resistance forces will be happy to meet them.

This information was shared by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov on the air of the national telethon.

The presenter asked the mayor about the statement of the head of the Mykolaiv MA Vitaly Kim, regarding the flight of the commanders of the invaders from the Kherson region across the Dnieper.

Fedorov replied: “Just after Vitaly’s words, everyone is reporting that they [the commanders] are relocating to the city of Melitopol. So our resistance forces, the partisan movement, will be happy to meet them.”

Further, the mayor explained why the occupiers were fleeing to Melitopol. This is the closest point to Crimea, and from there the enemies want to lead “some kind of command.” Now attempts are being made to establish which invaders moved to the city to pass information to the Ukrainian special services.

Recall that yesterday, August 13, Kim announced the transfer of the entire leadership of the invaders in the Kherson region beyond the Dnieper. According to him, the Russian units on the left bank were left without commanders.

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