Conflict expert explains why Russians believe in the Kremlin’s lies

Russian citizens stubbornly believe in the lies and propaganda spread by the Kremlin, including about the war against Ukraine.

On the air of Radio NV, Grigory Perepelitsa, director of the Institute of Foreign Policy Studies, explained why this is happening.

“Under the conditions of pro-fascist totalitarian regimes, the people, this Russian horde itself, desire blood and war. Therefore, they are told lies and seek to listen to them. Because this lie provides them with comfortable conditions,” the expert says.

According to him, the citizens of the aggressor country do not even think about the losses in the ranks of their own army, which, as you know, are measured in tens of thousands of dead. The Russians, adds Perepelitsa, seek to destroy the Ukrainians, the Ukrainian state, and defeat the West.

“We see this in public opinion, which Russian sociological services measure from time to time – 76% support aggression … Therefore, when some information reaches them, maybe from their sons on the front line, they do not believe it, they think that this is a bluff, this is Ukrainian disinformation, that they are deliberately intimidated by the West, NATO. And they believe in all these fables. They just want to believe it,” the conflictologist explained.

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