Crowdfunding to preserve the memory of Boris Edwards in Odessa

Odessa residents want to install a memorial plaque on the house of the famous artist Boris Edwards.

Odessa is rich in talented people and has a diverse cultural heritage. Like Boris Vassilievitch Edwards, the outstanding sculptor of English origins, who was born, lived and worked in Odessa.

Streets and squares, museum expositions of Odessa and other cities of Ukraine, Russia, England, Malta are decorated with works of the master. The largest exposition of Edwards’ works is presented at the Odessa National Art Museum. Among them are “Shurka”, “Christ and the Sinner”, “Consolation” and “The Sleeping Old Man”, “Pleasant Offerings” and others.

The artists left the city in 1919 with the arrival of the bolshevicks and died in Malta in 1924. Edwards was not forgotten at home, but the memory of the artist is gradually disappearing.

An initiative group of artists, art historians, collectors and journalists of Odessa strives to install a memorial plaque to B.V. Edwards to honor the memory of the artist and remind the residents of the city of a talented fellow countryman. The team already has all the necessary permissions and a sketch of the future work.

To implement the project, they need to collect 30,000 hryvnia. In addition to charitable contributions, the team offers to purchase Edwards’ unique monograph.

At this point, we have already managed to collect UAH 3076. The funds will be used to manufacture and install a memorial plaque.

You can support the project at the link of Moe Mesto (My City) platform: donation