Dagestan asks Putin for six months of “delay” from mobilization

The wife of the Muslim leader of Dagestan said that this autonomous republic of the Russian Federation, like Chechnya, has already fulfilled its “plan”.

The wife of the Muslim leader of Dagestan, Aina Gamzatova / Photo: from social networks

After mass protests against the partial mobilization announced in the Russian Federation, Aina Gamzatova, an adviser to the Mufti of Dagestan and his wife, Aina Gamzatova, published an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to “postpone” the mobilization in this autonomous republic.

She published her letter to Putin on Thursday, September 29, in the Telegram channel, digi24 reports.

The appeal appeared after protests against mobilization took place in Dagestan, accompanied by a tough confrontation between demonstrators and law enforcement officers.

“Based on the announced figures – 300 thousand, and based on the number of subjects of the Russian Federation, Dagestan, like Chechnya, fulfilled the mobilization plan. My people and I ask you, given that out of the three million inhabitants of Dagestan, more than three thousand inhabitants have already been registered, among them, there are many heroes, give us a break from mobilization,” the text of the letter says.

According to the wife of the mufti of Dagestan, young residents of the republic will undergo military training in six months.

“We promise to teach children about Dagestan in educational centers professionally. Please recommend experienced instructors who could train real warriors in these six months,” Aina Gamzatova asks Putin.

The Autonomous Republic of Dagestan is home to a predominantly Muslim multinational population.

Recall that the inhabitants of the Republic of Dagestan became the most active participants in the resistance. People go to protests en masse, block federal highways, beat off men in the police. There are many women among the protesters.

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