DARKSPRING: War in Ukraine. Chapter 1

English, Italian subtitles

For 128 days Kharkiv has not obeyed the enemy. It’s a city that hides between the broken walls and abandoned things millions of stories that need to be heard.

With this in mind, Fryed Pin Family production team together with the UMBS (Ukraine Must be Safe) Volunteer Organization created a three-part documentary about the hero city of Kharkiv.

This film tells several stories of Kharkiv residents who have been living in the frontline zone for 4 months.
This is a film about people who haven’t left their hometown, who every day live like it’s their last one, because their reality, which consists of daily explosions and mortar shelling, does not allow any other way.

Today we present the first part of our film. Listen to the words of each of the heroes, let in their stories and remember that the war is not over. But we are able to bring victory closer.

Fryed Pin Family

This is a volunteer project that will continue to record the crimes committed by Russia against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in this criminal, inhuman war.

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