“Death of Kashchey” and “Spanish passions” ballets at Odessa Opera Theatre

At the Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre, they are preparing a new evening of one-act ballets “Death of Kashchey” and “Spanish passions”.

Choreographer Georgy Kovtun revived Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” ballet with new performers and rehearsed on stage with different compositions of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero (this ballet had already been shown at the open air as part of the Velvet Season festival).

Maestro Vyacheslav Chernukho-Volich fully supported the choreographer’s desire to follow the music.

Honored Artist of Ukraine Yevgeny Gurenko, creator of the scenery for “Bolero”, out of fifteen options settled on the laconic and majestic. Everything happens as if on the square of some Spanish city, against the backdrop of an arch.

The opening will undoubtedly be the role of Ivan Tsarevich in The Firebird, prepared by the young soloist Daniil Pashchuk. A beautiful and brave warrior was simply obliged to defeat Kashchey the Immortal and the evil forces in general in the struggle for the Princess Beloved Beauty.

And in the struggle for the heart of a beautiful proud Spaniard (this part is danced by Ekaterina Burdik), a dance battle between two no less beautiful hidalgo unfolds in Bolero. And until the end of the dance, filled with hidden passion, the intrigue remains: who will dance whom? Or will they dance the girl to the point that she is no longer able to make a choice?

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