Decoy pelicans in the Danube floodplains to attract real ones

Artificial curly pelicans are planned to be installed on floating platforms in the Danube Biosphere Reserve by activists of the Rewilding Ukraine organisation, in order to attract the real ones.

The artificial pelicans were made by master Sergey Kharchenko.

Such platforms are an effective tool for the formation of nesting colonies of pelicans. The experience of Romania, Bulgaria and other countries shows that pelicans are happy to build their nests on these artificial islets.


Pelicans, pink and curly, are permanent inhabitants of our region, and the Danube population of the pink pelican is considered the largest in Europe.

These birds spend winter in Africa, and arrive in Ukraine in spring and stay in this area for the whole summer. The pelican can be considered the most voracious bird in the Odessa region: it eats more than a kilogram of fish every day.