Defence Intelligence: 40 percent of the equipment with which the new Russian units are equipped is not combat-ready

Experiencing military failures and catastrophic personnel and equipment losses, Russia is trying to create new military units and units. Russia will only be able to form a new army corps by the end of November. Vadym Skibitsky, a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, stated this on the air of the Military Television of Ukraine.

“The story with the Third Army Corps will stretch until November. The problem is human resources. Staffing by specialists. It takes 3-4 months to train a normal specialist.

Equipment and weapons are also a problem. All the latest equipment was in the arsenal of those battalion-tactical groups that entered our territory in February-March. Now we see that all units being formed are equipped with Soviet-style weapons, which are removed from storage bases and arsenals and given to the troops. According to our estimates, 40 percent of military equipment is not combat-ready. It needs to be repaired and put in order,” concluded Ukraine’s representative of military intelligence.

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