Defence Intelligence: “Addressing to putin” and “Terrorist Attacks from Future”

Unrecognized Transnistrian is being continued to prepare for war against Ukraine. A large circulation of the Transnistrian newspaper, dated May 2, 2022, was printed on the territory of Moldova’s Transnistrian region.

The central material of the newspaper is “Official address of the residents of Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova to the president of the russian federation putin”.

The text includes request “to involve the armed forces of Moldova’s Transnistria region in actions of the russian army”. To do this, ‘mobilization points are being set up in the territory of russia in order to recruit volunteers to fight in the Transnistrian army.

In this way, the kremlin is trying to legalize thousands of its servicemen, who will carry out provocations from the territory of Moldova’s Transnistrian region.

The newspaper also contains a series of propaganda materials about “bloody terrorist attacks on Transnistrians on the May holidays, dozens killed, including children, the elder people and women”. So as the newspaper was published on the eve of the holidays, there is a danger that the kremlin authorities plan to commit a number of acts of intimidation among the local population, responsibility for which will be traditionally assigned at ‘Ukraine and the Collective West’.

The newspaper’s texts are full of kremlin stamps: “There is no more opportunity to avoid a big war in Transnistria region. Kyiv and its NATO curators have already passed their verdict, they have already coordinated all their actions with Chisinau and Bucharest”. The authors of the newspaper associate all hopes with “countering to fraternal Russia”.

Foreign citizens are urged to join the armed forces of Moldova’s Transnistria region. In particular, in the territory of the russian federation: “Mobilization points are being deployed not only in the russian federation but also in the Luhansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, Abkhazia and Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, citizens of other countries can join our army. To do this, they only need to come to countries where there are such mobilization points”.

In such way, the russia’s leadership may prepare a new springboard for aggression against Ukraine and the basis for the ‘official’ occupation of part of the territory of independent Moldova.

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