Defence Intelligence: Criminal authority from Donbas will create a new PMC from Russian prisoners

The occupiers are trying to counterbalance Prigozhin’s de facto monopoly in the sphere of PMCs in Russia.

Russia has appointed a new “watchman” for prisons in its own and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to the Head Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Armen Sarkisyan (Armen Horlovsky), a criminal authority from Horlivka, close to the family of fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych and connected with another criminal, has become the new “watchman” for prisons throughout the Russian Federation and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine – Yuri Ivanyushchenko (Yura Enakievsky). He is on the Ukrainian wanted list as one of the organizers of the murders on the Maidan. Shadow overseer of all business in the occupied Gorlovka. Since February 24, he has been looting and “squeezing” businesses in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

a new “watchman” of Donbas

“One of the main directions of its activity is the creation of a new “private military company”. It is assumed that within a limited time the new structure will recruit a significant number of “recruits”. The model for the project should be the infamous Wagner PMC. The “recruits” for PMCs will be recruit in exactly places of deprivation of liberty,” the Defence Intelligence notes.

This “project” should strengthen the occupying contingent and create internal competition among Russian PMCs. The new PMC was sponsored by Russian-Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetyan, a pro-Kremlin businessman of Armenian origin, one of the sponsors of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“The intelligence service notes that a new structure is an attempt to counter Prigozhin’s actual monopoly in the field of PMCs in Russia,” intelligence service notes.

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