Defence Intelligence: For the Moscow residents a ban on gathering in groups of more than 20 people is introduced

It is assumed that the new wave of mobilization in the Russian Federation will be characterized by increased attention to the so-called “central regions” population. In particular, groups of military commissars arrive at enterprises in the capital of the Russian Federation to conduct “campaign activities” among employees. The measures are accompanied by moral pressure and, in some places, intimidation of people. It is noted that the military commissions are most interested in men aged 40-55 who have served in the army and have certain military specialties.

The campaigning work aimed at foreign citizens is intensifying. First of all, this concerns migrants from the former republics of the USSR. Currently, men of conscription age who apply to authorities for Russian citizenship are offered to sign a contract for military service. After that, the issue of granting citizenship is resolved automatically.

At the same time, pressure is exerted on the owners of commercial enterprises and private entrepreneurs. They are forced to make “voluntary” donations for the benefit of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The amounts of “voluntary contributions” are determined at the discretion of the “inspectors”. In some places, the amount of such levies reaches several million rubles. This, in turn, forces entrepreneurs to reduce costs for business development and employee salaries. In many cases, business owners are forced to reduce the number of maintained establishments and the volume of services.

Another type of “obligation” for Muscovites is participation in “volunteer patrols”. For this, groups of 3-5 people are formed to patrol central streets, squares, and places near metro stations and large shopping centers. Their task is to prevent a possible gathering of people to prevent possible protest actions. According to the received instructions, any group of more than 20 people is considered “suspicious”.

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