Defence Intelligence: In order to stop the escape of their units from the battlefield, the occupiers continue to use “blocking squad”

As a result of the actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, among the personnel of the occupying forces, there is an incitement of panic and unwillingness to participate in the war. The situation is exacerbated by untimely and incomplete payments of the promised maintenance. Many soldiers, whose only motivation was material support, are looking for opportunities to either return to the territory of the Russian Federation or surrender.

The occupiers who moved from the Izyum direction to the Donetsk region are waiting to deliver ammunition and fuel. During the retreat, the units spent or were forced to abandon almost all weapons and equipment. Racists complain that the promised aid has never arrived.

Units of the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army of the Russian Federation (military unit 12721) retreating from Izyum and Balaklia suffered heavy losses. In some companies, about half of the personnel remained. Those who survived intend to move towards the Russian border to return home.

Many occupiers concentrated near the Russian border in the Belgorod region. They have no communication with the command; there is no supply of food and ammunition.

In order to stop mass desertion from the battlefield, the Kremlin command is intensifying the use of “proven” Soviet methods of “persuasion”. From the intercepted conversations of the occupiers, it became known about establishing the rear of the so-called “blocking units”. In particular, the commanders of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd army corps received a message:

There is a blocking squad posted in the rear lane. All retreating troops will be destroyed. Commander’s order number 222. Deliver to all posts.

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