Defence Intelligence: In the Kharkiv direction, the Russians are trying to withdraw and are engaged in looting

In the Kharkiv direction, as a result of the successful counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, the occupiers are trying to escape deep into the temporarily occupied territories. Some of them are trying to cross the border with the Russian Federation and leave for the territory of the Belgorod region.

During the escape, the rioters engaged in mass looting, loading generators, telephones, and computers (taken from Ukrainians) onto their cars. Rare cases of school robberies have been recorded. Even horizontal bars and sports equipment are taken out of gyms.

In one of the villages, rioters stole a bus and abandoned it 6 kilometers away. 36 bodies of the occupiers were found in it.

The personnel of the units of the so-called “DPR”, which until recently were stationed in Izyum, had to retreat 60 kilometers from the city, due to the lack of replenishment of ammunition and fuel. Their relatives are shocked by the stories about the offensive in Ukraine, as the Russian mass media broadcast the opposite information – about the successful offensive of the Russians.

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