Defence Intelligence: In the occupied territories, Russians offer to work “for food”

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the racists could not recruit a sufficient number of employees with a salary of 10 thousand rubles per month. As a result, the enemy reduced the amount of so-called “humanitarian aid”, which provided a minimum amount of food for survival. Currently, the occupation administration is inviting people to volunteer. It is announced that their main task will be to clean up the rubble on the streets and bury the bodies in mass graves. “Access to food” is offered as a reward.

Also, the occupiers plan to use the unpaid work of “volunteers” to “restore order” in the damaged settlements (including Mariupol).

Near Nova Kakhovka and Beryslav, Kherson region, the enemy is forcing the population to hand over 70% of the harvest to buyers from Crimea. Purchase prices are sometimes about 10% of the retail price. At the same time, there is a ban on exporting crops to the territories controlled by Ukraine. There are cases when entrepreneurs distribute strawberries and cherries to the population for free.

Due to the mass refusal of educators to conduct the educational process under the Russian program, the occupiers in Melitopol attract people without pedagogical education to the positions of teachers. There has also been an increase in the number of teachers seconded from Russia and occupied Crimea. Local educators who have refused to cooperate with the occupiers are creating domestic problems and threatening repression.

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