Defence Intelligence: In the occupied territories, the Russians are destroying medical infrastructure

Citizens who remain in the occupied territories are virtually cut off from medical services. Institutions are being closed, there is a shortage of doctors, and the delivery of medicines from the territories controlled by Ukraine is prohibited.

All equipment provided since 2014 under the programs of international donors and the Government of Ukraine was removed from the Starobilsk Infection Department (Luhansk Region). Among the exported equipment are mechanical ventilation devices required for critical cases of COVID-19 disease.

At the regional anti-tuberculosis dispensary in Vovchanska (Kharkiv region), patients with open tuberculosis were denied medical care and expelled to the streets.

Premises used to treat infectious diseases are being filled by wounded Russians. Medical staff is forced to work for the occupiers. At the same time, all physicians undergo a polygraph examination procedure. Those who did not pass are forcibly sent to the front.

An ammunition depot has been set up in the Pologi Central District Hospital (Zaporizhzhia Region). Staff are prohibited from providing medical services to the local population.

Oleshkiv District Hospital and Hola Prystan City Hospital are forced to serve the needs of the RF Armed Forces. Medical personnel is prohibited from changing their place of residence by evacuating to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

All without exception, Balaklia Hospital (Kharkiv region) is filled with wounded occupiers. Medical staff is forcibly removed to work. Ukrainian citizens remain without medical care.

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