Defence Intelligence: Kherson is returned under the control of Ukraine, and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter the city

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirmed that the Ukrainian military is entering Kherson, which has been occupied since the beginning of March.

They noted that after the retreat of the main group of troops of the Russian army from the Ukrainian Kherson, the Russian command left the soldiers to their fate, urging them to try to escape on their own, dressed in civilian clothes.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense stressed that the Russians would not be able to escape. Abandoned soldiers were urged to surrender.

“Kherson is returning under the control of Ukraine; units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are entering the city. The Russian invaders’ retreat routes are under the Ukrainian army’s fire control. Any attempts to oppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be stopped. Every Russian soldier who resists will be destroyed. You have the only chance to avoid death – immediately surrender,” the Intelligence Directorate said in a statement.

The military stressed that in the event of voluntary surrender, Ukraine guarantees the Russians the preservation of life and security, compliance with the Geneva Conventions, food, medical care, and the possibility of exchange.

  • As of the evening of November 10, it was known that 41 settlements in the southern direction had been liberated by Ukrainian defenders.
  • In the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was noted that when fleeing, the Russians massively abandoned their own equipment.
  • On November 11, footage showing residents of Kherson with Ukrainian flags and the Ukrainian military on the streets of the city was actively circulated on social networks.

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