Defence Intelligence: Military units of the Russian Federation cancel the dispatch of units to Ukraine due to the mass refusal of personnel

In units and formations located on the territory of the Russian Federation, the planned dispatch of personnel to Ukraine is canceled. The reason is a mass refusal to participate in hostilities.

Servicemen of 5 separate tank brigades of the 36th army (Ulan-Ude) who write reports for dismissal due to refusal to continue participating in hostilities in Ukraine are dismissed from service without considering any benefits (years of service – one year for three, veteran status, etc.). Personnel of the brigade, who are in Ukraine, are given vacations only due to family circumstances (death of close relatives).

At the same time, there is a catastrophic shortage of personnel in the units participating in the war against Ukraine. To “solve the problem”, the command of the occupying forces decided to significantly reduce the time for rehabilitating soldiers after injuries and contusions. Wounded in hospitals purposefully simplify diagnoses, do not perform previously planned operations, and offer to return to the war in Ukraine. Doctors are “recommended” to permit planned surgical interventions only after the war’s end or with the commander’s direct permission of the wounded.

There is a well-known case where a serviceman was discharged from the hospital in 3 days after a ruptured ear drum and a contusion. The official diagnosis is “otitis”. It is recommended not to catch a cold in the ear. At the same time, surgical intervention was refused.

Currently, the occupiers are trying to strengthen their group under the temporarily occupied Kherson at the expense of “available reserves”. For this purpose, it is planned to redeploy 4 battalions of the so-called “Kadyrivets”. But currently, these units are significantly understaffed. Most of the personnel are not Chechens but mercenaries from the poorest regions of the Russian Federation.

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