Defence Intelligence: “Partial mobilization” continues in the capital of the Russian Federation, local mass media were forbidden to cover this topic

Despite Moscow Mayor Sobyanin’s public statements about the end of “partial mobilization”, summonses continue to be issued to conscripts at their place of residence and work. Currently, the authorities have stopped the work of only the so-called “mobile mobilization points” and suspended the practice of “round-ups” of conscripts in public places. Special “dungeons” (closed directives to the management of mass media) emphasize the need to completely ignore the topic of “round-ups” in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Currently, the training of mobilized military personnel continues at the training grounds of the Moscow region. After training, it is planned to send units to the combat zone in Ukraine. Due to the lack of officers and non-commissioned officers, servicemen who signed a contract with the military rank of “private” and have combat experience on the territory of Ukraine are appointed to the positions of platoon instructors and training instructors.

The number of people mobilized into the ranks of the “first wave” of the Soviet Union is confirmed – at least 200,000 people. Further mobilization will continue in the “classic” version of the Second World War. The first part of the mobilized sent to Ukraine with minimal training (or without it) is intended to stabilize the front line. The next units of the mobilized will be sent taking into account the development of the operational situation and, if possible, depending on the readiness of the personnel. According to a similar principle, the mobilized people of the second, third, and other waves of mobilization will be involved in the conduct of hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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