Defence Intelligence: Russians are preparing a “parade” in ruined Mariupol

Sergei Kiriyenko, the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration responsible for Russia’s internal policy, arrived in ruined Mariupol. It is known that he has recently become the new Kremlin curator of the temporarily occupied territories issues.

The main task of the Putin official is to prepare for the “ceremonial events” on May 9. It is known that the Russians refuse to hold a “holiday” in occupied Donetsk, including imitations of a “military parade”. Currently, the temporarily occupied territories do not carry out preparatory work on these issues.

Therefore, Mariupol, according to the plans of the enemy, should become the center of “celebrations”. To this end, the city is urgently cleaning the central streets from debris, the bodies of killed, and unexploded ordnance.

A large-scale propaganda campaign is underway, during which Russians will be shown stories about the “joy” of locals from meeting the invaders. Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov and head of the Donetsk occupation administration Denis Pushylin visited Mariupol to prepare relevant materials.

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