Defence Intelligence: “The aggressor wants to seize territories but understands that he will lose”

Russia is planning another wave of mobilization and offensive, intending to seize new territories of Ukraine, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to repel the offensive and, at the same time to, further liberate Ukrainian land.

Andrii Chernyak, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said this in a comment to Public Broadcasting of Ukraine.

According to him, the aggressor certainly wants to seize new territories, but he already understands that he will lose.

“They understand that they will lose, and proof of this can be the construction of fortifications both in the Zaporizhzhia region, in the south of the occupied Kherson region, and the north of the temporarily occupied Crimea. That is, they clearly understand that they will have to conduct military operations there, and they are already building defense structures there,” Andriy Chernyak said.

The representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine added that it is impossible to reveal the exact plans for the Ukrainian offensive at the moment. However, according to him, “there is a task of the Supreme Commander, and there are plans of the Armed Forces to liberate the territories of Ukraine.”

A representative of Ukrainian intelligence noted that the mobilization, which, according to the Main Directorate of INtelligence of the Ministry of Defense, Russia should announce on January 15, will not prevent the Ukrainian military from conducting offensive operations.

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