Defence Intelligence: The head of the “Wagner” PMC is trying to strengthen his hardware positions around the Russian dictator

Yevhen Prigozhin wants to realize his “dream” through the participation of his own mercenaries in the war in Ukraine. Andriy Chernyak, the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, told RBC-Ukraine about this.

“Because of the actions of the PMC “Wagner” in Syria and Africa, hundreds of crimes against humanity committed by his mercenaries, no one from the West wants to deal with the beautiful man. He became a toxic person to the entire civilized world. That is why he concentrated his efforts on the war to be in the main positions in Putin’s entourage with his people. These are steps for his survival – strengthening his positions, and then occupying high positions”, – noted the representative of military intelligence of Ukraine.

In addition, according to Andriy Chernyak, a fierce struggle for power and a place next to Putin is currently underway in the Kremlin.

Prigozhin is trying to show himself as a “winner”, and the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Russian Federation is making desperate attempts to raise their own ratings, the interlocutor added.

According to the military intelligence, this already affects the mood of the Russian population, and the military leadership is criticized for its failures.

“He says that these are the successes of “Wagner”, but for the sake of minor tactical “victories” thousands of mercenaries have already been destroyed. They are driven to attack the corpses with the full support of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. And now Gerasimov is unlikely to give him such support because he needs his gains and victories, and he will do everything to neutralize the beauty. These are logical decisions. And if there is success somewhere, it will be the success of Shoigu and Gerasimov, not Prigozhin. But despite all their efforts, the new command of the Russian occupation forces will not be able to achieve significant success,” concluded Andriy Chernyak.

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