Defence Intelligence: The invaders are kidnapping Ukrainian military relatives, including children

Cases of abduction of relatives of Ukrainian servicemen in the temporarily occupied territories are becoming systemic. Unfortunately, the databases of Ukrainian citizens fall into the hands of invaders during the seizure of office buildings or with the help of collaborating traitors.

Today, such cases are recorded in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions. At the same time, adult relatives (including women and the elderly) and children are abducted. In particular, it recently became known that the occupiers took several children of another Ukrainian serviceman hostage.

In the future, the Russians may contact the military and demand to arrive in the occupied territories in exchange for the safety of relatives.

Each of these cases is evidence of the most horrific war crimes committed by the occupiers on our land. All of them will be properly investigated. Those guilty will be punished.

For security reasons, we do not name the victims or abducted relatives. But none of these cases goes unnoticed by the state. Ukraine is fighting for each of its citizens.

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