Defence Intelligence: The Kremlin conducts covert “industrial mobilization” and controls the movement of the personnel of defense enterprises

In the Russian Federation, the implementation of hidden measures of the so-called “industrial mobilization” of companies and enterprises of the defense sector has begun. In particular, at the Rostec company, since the beginning of August, a vacation ban has been introduced for the entire management team and a large part of the working staff. In some companies that are part of “Rostec” (officially the Russian State Corporation for Assistance to Development), “indefinite leave postponement” applies to 100% of employees.

Also, the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation (chairman of the commission is Putin) is preparing changes to the state defense order programme for 2022, which will increase costs by 600-700 billion rubles. Approval of the changes is expected in early September.

The hidden “industrial mobilization” aims to ensure the conduct of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, similar measures are expected to be introduced at other defense enterprises of the Russian Federation shortly.

The campaign to cancel vacations is also connected with measures to establish full control over the movement of personnel of defense enterprises. First of all, the management team, against the background of recent high-profile cases of accusations of treason against certain representatives of scientific circles of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the state company “Rostec” includes more than 800 companies and enterprises of various industries. The corporation’s portfolio includes up to 40% of the total volume of state defense orders and priority civilian programs.

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